This page is a collection of essays, paper, articles, or music that I wrote or co-author which I feel comfortable sharing.


Studies and Characterization on The Effect of pH Changes On The Properties of The Ion Channel In Southern Cowpea Mosaic Virus (2002).
This is my undergraduate thesis for honor degree in Physics at Goshen College.

Mathematical Modeling of M2 Tetramer Ion Channel using Numerical Analysis (2002).
A report of practicum research project which was submitted as requirement for completing my bachelor degree in applied mathematics.

First Contact with Relativity (May 1999).
My attempt to write a “layman” version essay on special relativity theory.

Modeling for Standard of Safety for Occupied Room Reuben Budiardja, Geoffrey Christanday, Reynard Hilman (Feb 1998).
This paper was submitted Mathematical Contest of Modeling 1998 sponsored by Mathematical Association of America (MAA) and won an “Honorable Mention”.


Generation of Strong Magnetic Fields in Axisymmetry by the Stationary Accretion Shock Instability, Eirik Endeve, Christian Y. Cardall, Reuben D. Budiardja, Anthony Mezzacappa. Submitted to Astrophysical Journal.

Magnetic field generation by the stationary accretion shock instability, E. Endeve, C. Y. Cardall, R. D. Budiardja, A. Mezzacappa, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, SciDAC 2008

The Effect of pH Changes on Individual Permeabilities in the Ion Channel of Southern Cowpea Mosaic Virus, Reuben D, Budiardja, Proceeding of the National Conference On Undergraduate Research (NCUR) (2000).

Sermon Notes

For a while our church did not have a pastor, so some members of the congregation would volunteer or be asked to bring the sermon during our service. On rare occasions, I too had a chance to do this. Here are some of my sermon notes. In doing this, I would draw from various resources (which I may have neglected to give proper credit or references, unfortunately) so I do not deserve all the credits (although any shortcoming would certainly be my responsibility). These notes however correctly reflect my personal beliefs at the time they were written. It is not unlikely though that my beliefs, understanding, knowledge, or insights that I currently hold have changed since I believe faith and Christianity is a continued learning process that last a lifetime.

The Reign of God
A sermon based on Article 24, Mennonite Confession of Faith.

Sin and Salvation
A sermon based on Article 7 and 8, Mennonite Confession of Faith.

Science and Christianity: In Conflict or In Relationship ?
The above link points to my blog post on the topic of Science and Christianity that I presented at my church.

Miscellaneous Essays

Neutron Star Merger Simulations
A essay describing my current research project as a doctoral candidate.

Views on the Philosophy of The Mind
A survey on the philosophical views about the mind, mind and body problem, and its relation to the concept of free-will.

The Existence of Free-Will
This small essay argues the existence of Free-Will from philosophical and physical basis.

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